WIN LAST DONT CARE                                    IMAGES

January 21 - February 20, 2011



“The work turned everyone into beasts, animals fucking each other and fighting over scraps of feed, and that was why it was good, it didn’t spare time for bullshit, it was rapid, voluptuous prose, something more akin to the density of a salty lotion because it fills in the cracks but it burned people off to it, a lot of them got angry and screamed about the injustice of so many paying attention to such a sordid thing, but the situation demanded attention, this was something that you just couldn’t even take your eyes off of, it was like watching supermodels fuck in the Whitehouse while the President jerked off, something your subconscious had always suspected of being possible but a lack of precedence had never allowed such weird puzzle pieces as these to fit together in just the right way but someone, somewhere, had whittled their wood long enough and somehow had produced this – this aberrant mutant without fear or pity that you just couldn’t not look at, and it fucked everybody up big time, there was really nothing to say afterwards, it was over, it had fucked everything up. So people were mad, but pussy mad, the kind of mad that is really just defense rather than offensive momentum, a conservative impulse to preserve rather than to explore, a denial of the risk that someone else had sacrificially given themselves over to, more jerking off. It wasn’t really a question of better, but it did make everything else seem like a waste of time. All of those assholes who had never given it all truly over to the work but had kept some for themselves looked like the narcissistic posers they were, wanting to play the part but never truly taking it the hard way. So the whole thing was a big “FUCK YOU” to everything that sucked.”