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Borden Capalino Concierge

Elaine Cameron-Weir Frieze New York 2014

Depression, at Ghebaly Gallery
Catharine Ahearn, Bjorn Amre, Lucas Blalock, Borden Capalino, 
Dan Finsel, Charlotte Hammer, Matt Heckert, Nolan Hendrickson,
Gavin Kenyon, Andra Ursuta, Margaret Weber

Elaine Cameron-Weir venus anadyomene

Andra Ursuta, Nolan Hendrickson The Independent 2014

Gelitin, Trisha Baga, Jessie Stead, Josh Kline, Gavin Kenyon, Catharine Ahearn
Abscess, Rectum, Septum, Cave

Margaret Weber, Nolan Hendrickson, Charlotte Hammer

Catharine Ahearn

Gavin Kenyon FIAC 2013

Lucas Blalock Id, Ed, Ad, Od, 

Andra Ursuta 
The Encyclopedic Palace 55th Venice Biennale

Margaret Weber

Elaine Cameron-Weir, Borden Capalino, Gavin Kenyon, Andra Ursuta Frieze New York 2013

Matteo Callegari

Surfing with Satoshi, a film by Alterazioni Video

Gavin Kenyon

Andra Ursuta Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

 Kläs, Matteo Callegari, Ugo Rondinone klaer uglee callamari

Lucas Blalock Frieze Art Fair 2012

Andra Ursuta Magical Terrorism

Brendan Majewski + friends A Child's Guide to Good & Evil

Aboveground Animation 2012 curated by Casey Jane Ellison

A Repetition Compulsion by Bjarne Melgaard
Part one: Undoing (what has been done) : Tigers by the Pool
Negation, EGO Syntonic, Abreaction, HOOD BY AIR, Bjorn Amre,

Andra Ursuta storage space

Elaine Cameron-Weir not known to be used by any form of life

Andra Ursuta The Dependent 2012

Cave-IN, a film by Piedras Negras

Nolan Hendrickson New New Face

Lucas Blalock xyz

Andra Ursuta Frieze Art Fair 2011

Gavin Kenyon Stud

Telfar and Lizzie Fitch SHOP-MOBILE SS 2012

Trash Humpers a film by Harmony Korine

Andra Ursuta Vandal Lust

Aboveground Animation 2011 curated by Casey Jane Ellison

Elaine Cameron-Weir without true bazaars

Borden Capalino Botany Bay

The Dependent


Nolan Hendrickson No-No-No-Nolan


Andra Ursuta The Management of Barbarism

Green Honey curated by Borden Capalino and Andrea Cashman

Aboveground Animation 2010 curated by Casey Jane Ellison



Nolan Hendrickson Faggot Carnival

Gavin Kenyon





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