March 22 - May 10, 2014

Catharine Ahearn, Bjorn Amre, Lucas Blalock, Borden Capalino, 
Dan Finsel, Charlotte Hammer, Matt Heckert, Nolan Hendrickson,
Gavin Kenyon, Andra Ursuta, Margaret Weber

organized by Ramiken Crucible

Ghebaly Gallery
2245 E Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (323) 282-5187
open Tuesday – Saturday, 12-7pm

Andra Ursuta, Stoner



Matt Heckert, Spiked Roller Machine, 1984 





Bjorn Amre
vinyl plate, books, duct tape (96 x 48 x 1 inches each)



Borden Capalino
I Am Miss Brown, 2013
thermal transfer, coffee, salsa, pistachio shells, and rubber on canvas
84 x 61 inches 


Borden Capalino
Alice Roadtrain, 2014
thermal transfer and coverup on canvas
85 x 61 inches


Borden Capalino
A Town of Attitude, 2014
thermal transfer, chocolate, coffee on canvas
98 x 80 inches


Borden Capalino
Clubhouse Ride, 2013
thermal transfer on canvas
91 x 73 inches


Borden Capalino
Kipper Dan, 2013
thermal transfer, coffee, baking soda, shrimp, rubber, hotdog relish, pistachio shells, and spray paint on canvas
84 x 61 inches


Borden Capalino
Here Comes Landen, 2014
thermal transfer, baking soda, coffee
85 x 61 inches



Margaret Weber
What's Left Behind the Green Door, 2014
industrial carpet
156 x 143 inches


Margaret Weber
Beach, 2014
industrial carpet
156 x 143 inches


Nolan Hendrickson
Untitled 9, 2013
sumi ink on paper
29.75 x 24 inches framed 


Gavin Kenyon
Pimpin', 2008 - 2014
fabric, feathers, plastic, steel
90 x 26 x 38 inches
photo by Joshua White 


Catherine Ahearn
Snake Mother, 2014
From the series: The Women of the Cosmos 2/2
49 x 36.5 x 2 inches


Dan Finsel
affective memory cage, 2014
mesh wire, plywood, staples
26 x 12 x 12 inches

Lucas Blalock
untitled with containers, 2013
archival inkjet print
25 x 20 inches framed
edition 1/3 + 2AP

Lucas Blalock
untitled, 2011-2012
archival inkjet print
22 x 18.25 inches framed
edition 1/3 + 2AP


Andra Ursuta
Lucian, 2014
Particle board, wood, cardboard, synthetic clay, concrete, flocking, plexiglass, urethane, cell phone parts, bread
16 x 9.5 x 14 inches

Ammonite fossil, approximately 65 million years old


Charlotte Hammer
Fe, 2013
foam, fiberglass, resin, wood, cast iron, steel
79 x 22 x 18 inches 

Unamerican Fine Arts, 2014
model construction We Will Replace All Of You With Cool Mexicans
architectural documentation by INCA

A scale model of a new building design will be exhibited simultaneously with Depression. Commissioned by Ramiken Crucible and funded with capital leveraged against the permanent collection to be amassed by the gallery over the coming century, this building embodies the ideal art space. Constructed in international waters, this free standing open ocean platform will function as an independent state. This island fortress will provide artists with a private kingdom free from any moral law, civil code, or financial regulation. The building will house the ultimate gallery, named Unamerican Fine Arts, and is scheduled to open for the fall season of 2100. The scale model was designed and built by the architecture firm known for now as We Will Replace All Of You With Cool Mexicans.