Dan Finsel
Affective Memory Drawings
April 26 - May 31, 2015

Dan Finsel is a hypothetical situation within a force field of sadness. His deepest concern is to completely deny himself any chance at self-expression. Finsel's discipline is complete personal humiliation. Finsel's production behavior follows a chiastic structure driven by his symmetrical interpretation of methods of presentational and representational acting. Finsel is method acting art, with art being action, and this action taken under the circumstances of being Dan Finsel, a device utterly removed from direct responsibility. If Finsel were to commit a crime while acting, he could not in good faith be found guilty, just as an actor in a film cannot be prosecuted for crimes committed onscreen. In anticipation of such an event, Finsel has applied to many state and federal prisons for studio residencies, but none have accepted him, because he is too pathetic. When Finsel urinates, he always sits down, but with a nice book. His bladder has been acting up due to an onset embodiment of Tycho Brahe, in which he held his urine for a full week prior to a studio visit with this gallery. For five years, Finsel left the art world and traveled to Florence, Italy, where he avoided public exhibitions and was an apprentice to a shoemaker. In 2015, Finsel returned, with the art world looking as sorry as ever, and Finsel ready to fit right in, azotemia notwithstanding.