Natalie Weiss is artist-in-residence at Ramiken Crucible August 19 - September 5, 2010.

image by Frank Traynor


Natalie Weiss is an artist, musician, and playwright. During her residency, Weiss will transform the gallery into a collaborative music studio and performance venue. Hosting events that will take the form of multimedia presentations, discussions, musical performances, video art, social sculptures, experimental soundscapes, potluck dinners and slumber parties, Weiss is serving and encouraging the practices of other artists in the community that support her own work. Through bracing (and often sexually explicit) honesty and complete creative sincerity, Weiss's residency is an experiment designed to repurpose the traditional social functions of a church in the most idealistic and contemporary ways imaginable.

Artwork by Natalie Weiss, Jeremy Earhart, Bridget Regan, R. Stevie Moore, Lauren Bahr, Tom Sawyer, Allie Avital Tsypin, Machinedrum, Beach People, Wheat Wurtzburger, Marissa Hinds, riderhood, Frank Traynor

Featuring Natalie Weiss, Rhonda Ayala, Charlie Looker, Zeljko McMullen, Joe McGinty, Kristin Mueller, Joanna Choy, Andrew Chadwick, Doron Sadja, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Alice Lee, Amy Gironda, Melanie Brook, Marissa Hinds, Katie McVeay, Ashley Brown, Caroline Contillo, Kaia Wong, Conrad Winslow, Our Community, Will Lang, Mark Broschinsky, Sebastian Vera, James Rogers, Gabrielle Herbst, Justin Guereux, Scott, Sonia Tsypin, Karesia Batan, Two-Hawks Young




Jesus In Our Lives: Opening Party!!
7-10pm, performances at 8pm sharp


Lauren’s Song of Revenge by Allie Tyspin
Video and performance artist Allie Avitel Tsypin gets into teenage rage and banality in this video/performance piece based on a song from the new musical CAMP WANATACHI.

Ironing by Andrew Chadwick
Andrew Chadwick uses record players, microcassettes and radio to create quilted audio collages through broken records and object interference. Magnetic dregs and battered grooves yield a stuttering summertime soundclash.

Together We Are A River by Natalie Weiss
A line of women braid themselves together in a social sculpture about how great it is to touch your friends. Featuring Throat II by Little Women arranged for four female voices by Natalie Weiss.

Pinning Music for Four Trombones by Conrad Winslow
Conrad Winslow explores the sonorities and dynamics of the trombone with an entirely male ensemble!

Unicornicopia by Natalie Weiss
Wielding armfuls of samplers and synthesizers, a costume by riderhood and her little sister, Natalie Weiss will perform as Unicornicopia.

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Youth GroupNight Time Church Girl and Boy 

Screening at 7pm:

RSMTV– Four Decades of Video Art by R. Stevie Moore

Hot Sex by Natalie Weiss featuring Two Hawks Young, Doron Sadja, Zeljko McMullen, Justin Guereux, Scott and Sam Mickens.  Both pieces will be shown on VHS within the multi-media sculpture Missionary Work by Natalie Weiss.

Featuring performances by:

ZELJKO MCMULLEN - Noise and Meditation Cycle

KAIA WONG - African Imbera Music

CHARLIE LOOKER - Special Performance

ISAAC ROYFEE - Yoko Ono Cut Piece with My Pet Monster 

OUR COMMUNITY - I Had A Lesbian Experience At Camp 

NATALIE WEISS - Acts 2: 1-18

*Night Time Church Girl and Boy will end with an unthemed POTLUCK! BRING YOUR FAVORITE FOODS AND DRINKS!

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DJ / Composer / Puppeteer / Playwright / Performing Artist Natalie Weiss has been creating music under the moniker Unicornicopia since 2001. Her eclectic Unicornicopia performances are as well received at world-renowned art shows such as the Performa Biennial and the Museum of Modern Art’s P.S. 1 as they are at rock and cabaret venues such as The Knitting Factory, the Box and Joe’s Pub. She collaborates extensively with costume designer riderhood and music producers such as Joe McGinty (Losers Lounge, Psychedelic Furs), Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Will Oldham), and duets with Ann Magnuson (Bongwater) on the new Fischerspooner single “Modern World.”

Natalie has written, composed, directed, designed and produced four full-length musicals, two of which utilized her skills a puppeteer. Using a style developed while teaching AIDS education in Africa, she is a deft designer, performer and director of multiple mask and puppetry types. Her 4th original musical – CAMPWANATACHI – a collaboration with glitch-hop pioneer Machinedrum that is executive produced by Ian Pai (co-founder of Blue Man Group) and Bridget Regan (star of Disney ABC’s Legend of the Seeker) -- has been hailed as  “Refreshing and uplifting” (TimeOut NY), “Hilariously subversive” (New York Magazine), and “Very catchy” (New York Post.) It is scheduled to open Off-Broadway at La Mama ETC in January 2011.

As a DJ, Natalie has shared a stage with everyone from Steve Martin and Meryl Streep to Genesis P-Orridge and Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors.