Green Honey

curated by Andrea Cashman and Borden Capalino

June 10 2010 - August 15 2010   IMAGES

Anna Betbeze
Lucas Blalock
Borden Capalino
Tony Cox
Christian de Vietri
Frank Haines
Joanna Malinowska
Gilad Ratman
Peter Simensky
Ruby Sky Stiler

Ramiken Crucible presents Green Honey, an exhibition curated by Andrea Cashman and Borden Capalino featuring new works of sculpture, photography and video by ten artists who re-imagine the role of relic and ritual in relation to our modern way of living. Updating primal symbols and practices, with a conceptual approach to new materials and mediums, these works conjure neoteric meaning tied to our contemporary consciousness. Traversing notions of art, folk, and spiritual object, the works in Green Honey situate themselves in a deliberately ambiguous space. Doing so, they disrupt the hegemonic order that would otherwise constrain their meaning. Ultimately they function as a form of revisionist history, reaching simultaneously forward and backward through time.

These transgressions manifest in various forms. Gilad Ratman’s grotesque The Boggy Man, unearths a fetish that feels both foreign and familiar. Ruby Sky Stiler’s An Earlier Vessel, references the silhouette and iconography of the classical Greek vase. Upon closer inspection, it fractures to reveal a playful commentary on contemporary production value, objecthood, and notions of permanence and decay. In Mono no Aware, Anna Betbeze treats a traditional Flokati wool rug with toxic pigments, acid dyes and bleach. Its creation demands a timeworn physical relationship to material through her process of dying, combing and cutting the wool. The resulting technicolor abstractions inspire oscillating associations of banal domesticity, the fantasy of transportive color and dimension, and the mystery of prehistoric cultures. Toeing the line between sacred and profane, material and immaterial, the interdisciplinary works in Green Honey are best understood as contemporary artifacts.

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